Monday, 23 April 2012

Return of the Zucchini and Versatile Bloggers


Ok yes, I realise it’s been a while since my last post, but rest assured, it has been well worth the wait! I have four -YES that’s right FOUR – new pensive posts ready for you all to tear into, plus new posts coming soon, I promise you! 

It’s just been difficult as most of my ramblings on here are simply things I have observed about human nature in daily life. It all starts with an observation. A thought. A wondering. Then those thoughts are ruminated about for several hours before they are churned out into these polished articles before you.  It’s quite a process. 

Now back in Feb, I was nominated for Versatile Bloggers by my good friend Honourable Mentions. Her blog was originally about her journey in her honors year and now has graduated with her into her Clinical PHD. Fantastic stuff, I love all her posts; it was hard to narrow it down to one. Here’s one of my faves:
(and yes, I was the friend who suggested it. In fairness, I think I overheard/saw that name somewhere and passed it onto her.  Just can’t remember where from, so don’t do us on plagiarism please lol. And yes, I am presuming you read the post before continuing on- otherwise this little side note just made no sense whatsoever and you all just thought I was nuts. Which is probably true, but irrelevant at the moment.)

Quick crash course on what the “versatile bloggers” rules:
The main idea is to give kudos to the blogs you like to follow.
1)  Say cheers to the person(s) that nominated you and post a link to them.
2)   Post links to other blogs you read and like.
3)   Post a comment on the blogs you nominated to let them know.
4)    Describe 7 things about yourself. 

Ok so a big shoutout THANKYOU to Honourable mentions (yes it’s late, but better late than never and is still very much appreciated) here’s the link to when she nominated her versatile bloggers: and I quite like them too, which is why I’ve put them on here (kindof a post within a post..oooh yes very inception-like. I would repost their links but I feel like I’m copying Honourable’s post lol)

And the nominees are (in conjunction with those above)…
SARAH. A huge foodie with great style to boot, she has two awesome blogs “Dine with Sarah” and “Style with Sarah” with great tips- from places to eat to daring new fashion trends. for her latest review on Korean food and for super easy tips on DIY neon heels. Risky? Yes. But she makes it look sooooo simple!

2)     THE VIVID WORLD.  A fellow marketer-in-training like myself, Hiu Yan Lau is an international student who tells it like it is. Always fascinating to see our world through someone else’s eyes. Here’s her latest on nokia and where did they go wrong?
     PRAKKYPEDIA. My mentor’s blog. Full of useful articles that are actually related to marketing and social media! lol too many to choose from, so I picked one, where – by total coincidence – we have the same title for a blog post! (actually, the title of hers is a repeated line in one of mine “the importance of being (insert name here)) .

7 things about me:

1   I don’t like mushrooms. I have no idea why. I’ve just always detested them as a child. I HAVE tried them and to no avail. They simply don’t mesh well with my taste buds.
          I actually did not begin in marketing. When I first applied to University, I was aiming to be a forensic psychologist. After a year and half into my course, I realised that I did not enjoy psychology as much as I had originally anticipated. With a bit of guidance from a careers counsellor and help from my friends (who - let’s admit it- know us better than we know ourselves sometimes), I realised that marketing was the right place for me- I transferred at the end of my second year and haven’t looked back since…which is funny because…
           …When I was little, I wanted to be an actress! I had a major crush on teen-star Jonathon Taylor Thomas (otherwise known as JTT to all 90s kids out there) and I thought if I was famous, I could meet him LOL. The logic we have as a kid…
      Two of my favourite movies are When Harry met Sally and Pride and Prejudice. There are more, but these two never fail! I can QUOTE these movies to you. Word. For. Word. Yes I know. That is sad LOL
      One day, I want to go to New York at Christmas time. There’s just something so magical about it (or maybe I’m falling the Hollywood-Christmas-in-New-York stereotype).
       My favourite colours are blue and pink- but I really love the colour yellow. I have no idea why but I really think that it’s a happy colour. Anything you see that’s yellow is happy. You can’t see something yellow and feel sad. It’s weird. Try it. If you can find an unhappy yellow object, I’d love to see it! (And I do mean that.)
             Lastly, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. And I can quote those to you too. (it has been an immense challenge to not quote from the books/movies but as I am catering to a diverse audience, I realise that not everyone is as nutty as I am and may not be amused by my references). Word. For. Word.

I get the feeling you think I’m mad. That’s ok. All the best people are. (Quote from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.)  =)

watch this space- 

- Marie

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