Sunday, 31 July 2011

Short Gorgeous Bubbles...

Hi. I'm Marie. I'm 21. I'm random.

Oh my god. That was a nightmare to write. Those three sentences took me an hour to write. How sad. I was told that my first entry should be just an entry about me and what my blog will be about. Okay, so about me. And that's where I got stuck. Usually, I'm a chatterbox (which is ironic considering I didn't start talking until I was 4 years old and now I can't find the mute button) but this simple task made me go totally  blank.  So I enlisted in the help of my friends. I sent a text message to a handful of friends asking "If you could describe me in 1 word, what would it be?" One friend said "bubbly", another said "smiley", a few said "unique and random". One particularly nice friend made my day and said "gorgeous" and one was brutally honest and said "short" (For the record, I am 153cm, which isn't that bad. Right?)

After getting such positive feedback, I wondered why was it so hard to admit that I had amiable qualities? It's quite easy when describing someone else; but why is it when it comes to describing one's self it's too hard? Is it from fear of sounding vain? Or was it due to lack of confidence?

I found that my writer's block stemmed from fear that my own perception of self might not be congruent with how others perceived me. So, instead of denying it, I decided to embrace it  and viola! Writer's block =  gone!

So here are some things you should know about me:
~ I like Turkish Delights.
~ I think yellow is a happy color. Anything that's yellow, is happy.
~ I love lilies. Soft pink ones are the nicest.
~One of my favorite colors is blue.  
~ I like to read. 
~ My mother is Filipino and my father is Italian and I speak both languages.
~ I hate mushrooms.

So that's me.

so until some new random thing happens,

- Marie

OH and if you were wondering where the title of my blog originates from- It was a childhood nickname given to me by my mother and my father's family. Since this blog will be about me and random things I think or experience, I figured a random yet endearing nickname seemed only fitting. :-)